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Apollo Leonard

“The ramifications of the death of Marian Stride were far-reaching; their impact on Dr Apollo Leonard was particularly notable. Where once stood a gifted and generous doctor and a beacon of optimism blessing all around him, there was soon a twisted and bitter individual, lashing out at the world. The murders of Barnaby Tuttle and Scipio Surran at his hand cast a dark shadow over Leonard's very public generosity towards the people of the St Nikolaos, with the popular tale being that he was found at the scene of each death sobbing in the midst of Apparitions.”

“Opinion amongst the populace is distinctly divided on what should really be thought of Apollo Leonard. But for Daniel Milton and Stefanie Giessinger, the path was clear. Amidst rumours of Dr Leonard supposedly carrying out dubious medical experiments on the madman Jack Priest and others, Milton and Giessinger apprehended and terminated Leonard alongside his accomplice Ezra Whateley in a raid on the Asi's medical bay.”

- Excerpt from The Earth Evacuation Security Task Force: Guardians or Villains?, 2083

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