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Ashmi Kaur

Ashmi Kaur was our first leader on Terra Libre, without whom we wouldn't enjoy so many of the civic freedoms and opportunities that are now available to us. But she is not just remebered for her work here, on the planet, but her courage and dedication through the apparition incident. Her tireless work in the cargo bays on the St Nikolaos started by giving the refugees living there the opportunity to be listened to and build up their own community. Later, she called for elections and ran, spurring a democratic movement across the rest of the fleet, restoring a voice to the voiceless.

After her death, she is succeeded by two sons, a daughter and three grandchildren. Her daughter has followed in her footsteps, and is a leader in one of the groups within the colony, and her sons have followed her earlier life's work, offering support and therapy to those who need it.

As you continue your tour, you will find exhibitions of her possessions, showing just how little she left with and how she overcame so many losses, as well as important moments from her life, including her last speech to the survivors of humanity as First Speaker.

— Audio description in the atrium of the Kaur Library, 10 years after her death

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