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Barnaby Tuttle

“Who was Barnaby Tuttle? Doctor aboard the famous Hussar on the great voyage from Earth to Terra Libre, Tuttle appeared to be an upstanding and respectable gentleman. That is until about a month before his unfortunate death, when the fleet finally got to see him for what he truly was, a visionary in the ways of pain.

It started with the trial of Marian Stride, one of the most powerful and well armed captains aboard the fleet. The trial would decide whether Stride was fit to remain as head of internal security, before which she would be psychologically analysed by the good doctor. This analysis remains, to this day, one of the finest examples of psychological torture the world has ever seen: a pinnacle of the art of pure pain. We will dive more deeply into this footage in chapters 5 and 6.

However, Dr Tuttle was not satisfied with simply mastering the mind. Only a few weeks later, the crew of the Hussar boarded and claimed the battleship Renown, capturing the Captain, Petri Gromov, alive. Dr Tuttle, along with Mari Martinez, then took the Captain, spending over half an hour inducing as my physical pain as was possible, before eventually killing him. Although the original footage was later deleted, a copy of the security camera video feed was leaked to the rest of the fleet, and stored in the archives of the Memorandum. The techniques used in this video are covered in chapters 8 and 11.

In summary, the man who lends his name to this book will always be remembered as one of the all-time greatest artists of pain.”

- Extract from the introduction to Dr Tuttle's Top Ten Torture Techniques 2092, written by Drevis E Atherson.

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