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Bradley Bells van Dalen

“Item #1742: A photo album of a man, a woman, and two children

This photo album once belonged to a member of the Exodus Fleet known as Bradley Bells van Dalen. A member of the tempestuous EESTF, we have a number of accounts of him assisting the refugees of the fleet before meeting his untimely end during the first major apparition attack post-Earth. It is important to consider the implication of finding this photo album among the fleet on our understanding of the human condition during the time of the Exodus. A great number of our records and artefacts come in the form of military logs, weapons, records of battle and such, and it is heartening to remember that then, as now, people were still driven by the things that make them more than just animals fighting to survive.”

— An item description in the Museum of History on Terra Libre

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