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Daniel Milton

Originally Captain of the Fragarach before its destruction in Vega 7, Daniel Milton (sometimes known by his Greyson callsign 'Whiplash') became Captain of the Asi upon Natalia Rodchenko's disappearance. Throughout the Exodus, he acted as the linchpin of Greyson Security's operations, planning their scouting expeditions using his Hydra-class carrier ship and unmanned probes to allow them to explore deep into uncharted space and to tackle Apparition attacks where required. The picture that emerges of his captaincy is one of a sober, reliable man who took control when it was necessary.

- an excerpt from History of the Exodus, Volume 3: The Ships and Their Captains, 2172

The author certainly finds it interesting, as may readers, that Greyson became the default voice of reason in many of the Conferences held during the Exodus. Despite their mercenary background - or perhaps because of it? - they did not inspire the same distrust in the civilian population as the EESTF, or other surviving UC officials. It is well-known how Natalia Rodchenko became the trusted head of external security, but Daniel Milton also deserves much credit for guiding discussions in the Conferences, as a level-headed counterpoint to the more hot-headed military minds or the self-aggrandisement of Bolygo.

- an excerpt from Greyson Security: Public Company, Private Guardians, 2084

“It's hard to really get much information on the character of Daniel Milton, particularly as he retired from service so soon after settlement of Terra Libre was complete. There's no doubt he influenced the early years of Landing's existence, and put his stamp on the generally sensible settlement and defence policies initiated at that time, but he then settled down to a life of peaceful obscurity, apparently happy to have done his part in ensuring humanity's survival. The only interesting tidbit that I have managed to dig up is that apparently he had a pet flying squirrel called Biv, who stayed with him even when he moved into a little house near the forest, and was reported as being an utter nuisance by the neighbours when Daniel wasn't around.”

- part of the documentary Leaders Of The Exodus, 2136

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