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Darwin Dexter

“You are sitting in this training room because you want to protect humanity. You want to see an end to that which menaces us. You want to stand on a reclaimed Earth, free of incursion and once again populated by people rather than monsters.”

“Good on you.”

“But you aren't there yet. There is much that you must learn before you can count yourself properly in the ranks of the TLES. We will guide you down the path to reach that noble goal, but you will need to work hard to get yourself there.”

“Understand that with this job comes little in the way of glory, and much in the way of accusations. It is the very nature of this work that much of it cannot be reported upon - even to you, sitting here. Some of the most important missions we have ever undertaken will never see their operatives rewarded or even known. Sometimes the work does get ugly. Sometimes hard choices have to be made. You are here because you want to do what you have to do for humanity, whatever the cost, and that sets you apart from most.”

“Do not squander this opportunity. See you on the other side, Cadets.”

- Darwin Dexter, TLES introductory recruit training video.

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