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Felix Weber

“Now, Felix Weber was an interesting case. He was a member of Greyson Security, who I'm sure you will have read about previously in this series, and was unusual in there - and in fact in humanity as a whole - to be wholly space-habiting. By the beginning of the apparition attacks on Earth, there had been little chance for people to have been born and have grown up in space, yet small chance is not no chance and Mr. Weber's adaption to the zero-g life made him as much suited for the Exodus Fleet as it did pair him apart from the rest of humanity, who were constrained to their artificial gravity engines. As Terra Libre's population continues to boom, I would expect many to look back and see Felix's story as an example of how a truly spacefaring society could exist.”

— Extract from History of the Exodus, Volume 4: Other Persons of Note, 2172

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