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Fern McCoy

“Many thought that with the settling of a new planet, Fernando McCoy - better known as Fern to the settlers of Terra Libre - would have considered his job done. Luckily, that wasn't the case and Fern played a crucial roll in setting up the force known as Terra Libre Internal Security. While during the Exodus the security officer had some interesting idea's on just when to use the hard line, the support for him amongst the residents of the St. Nikoloas and his friendship with Ashimi Kaur left him in good stead to work with Captain's Rosenbrug and Wayne and set up the security force we have today.

“Fern worked closely with the TLIS for over 4 decades, insuring that when the first new world elections (run in 2110) were run smoothly and without bias and that while the new UFTL ships where ready to defend us on the outside, the TLIS where always ready to respond to the threat on the ground. He finally retired in 2134.

“These days, you can find McCoy in the house he built himself near the southern mountains, returning to his medical studies and occasionally making house calls to practise as a Doctor. He has also been known to drop by and visit Matthew Cartwright, former captain of the St. Nikoloas. In any case, the former security task force general is getting some much deserved rest.”

- Excerpt from Leaders of the Exodus, a documentary about the early settlement of Terra Libre, 2136.

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