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Garry Blake

Captain's Log: Another day, another planet. This one seems to have fuel though, or at least the constituent parts. We're not running low, but keeping topped up is always comforting. It's not habitable, though, not even with the early stage terraforming tech we now have on board. The scientists are doing their best to upgrade it as fast as possible, but the need to be constantly on the move, and the restrictions of having to salvage what we can from the planets we pass, doesn't make it easy.

Despite this, everyone seems to be in good spirits. Most appear to be enjoying this new lifestyle, hopping from planet to planet, exploring the depths of space. The thought that we go where no human has even been before is quite exciting. Echoing through the corridors you can hear children playing, musicians playing, and choirs singing. Their laughter brings me happiness, and hope. Together we will forge our way through the stars and finally find our home among them.

- Audio recording made by Captain Jake Averdan aboard the UCSS Deliverance, 2084

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