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Hansel Kassmeyer

“Since even before his days in the Exodus Fleet, Kassmeyer has been responsible for some of the most exquisite weaponry humanity has ever seen. From his shoulder mounted bluetooth-capable kettle-integrated minigun (affectionately named Odile), to plans for a shark-shaped tornado launcher, now to the florally decorated orbital laser cannons that guard our planet from the threat of apparitions, there's seemingly nothing that Kassmeyer can't turn his skilled hands to.

But what else drives this grand master?
Artful Weapons in an exclusive interview discovered Kassmeyer's not-so-secret love of ballet. Yes, behind the workshop of humanity's greatest weapons manufacturer is a school of the delicate art of ballet. Is it really surprising, though, that such a skilled hand has also mastered the elegance of dance? Of course not! In fact, with the word that Kassmeyer employs nanobots in the construction of his equipment and facilities, it makes all the more sense: master the intricate and the grand will follow.”

– excerpt from Artful Weapons Magazine, 2099

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