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Ichabod Yıldızoğlu

There is no doubt that Ichabod Yıldızoğlu was one of the most well-known and iconic figures of the Exodus. Famous even before departure from Earth for his pioneering work on applied holography, he became a central figure of the Conferences for various reasons. Firstly, he was a noticeable figure, with his customised avatar and 'ikkab0d' username. Secondly, though, he was instrumental in much of the scientific investigation of Apparitions and the development of the early-warning hats (known for many years as 'ikkahatz').

He is remembered with most honour, though, for his personal sacrifice in the battle against HMCS Sydney - despite having no previous combat experience, he chose to travel aboard the Sweet Embrace with Tessa Elation in order to deploy a super-virus into the ship's systems to incapacitate it. The success of this allowed the assault to achieve the complete destruction of the HMCS Sydney, and their disappearance during the battle (presumably in the same nuclear explosion they had planned) represents one of the Fleet's greatest losses. Although he is memorialised in the name of our second-largest continent, it is certain that Mr Yıldızoğlu's contribution to the Fleet's settlement here on Terra Libre would have been equally deserving of remembrance.

- an excerpt from History of the Exodus, Volume 3: The Ships and Their Captains, 2172

“Hi there! This chain letter has been in existence since 2069, long before the Ancestors ever left Earth. It is all that protected the Exodus and made sure your great-grandparents survived. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to keep it going and keep Terra Libre safe. Pass this on to three other people in the next hour!!! Here's what happened to some of those who didn't:

  1. Miranda Lexington read this message but thought it was stupid and deleted it. Within a day she was found dead in her own shower!
  2. Edgar Toledo tried to send this message on but typed so slowly that the hour ran out and tentacles came out of his computer and dragged him into it!!!
  3. Zephanie LeBlanc was so terrified on reading this message that she ran away into the forest and never came back!!

DON'T BE LIKE THEM! Send this email on now before the APPARITIONS COME TO GET YOU!!1!!1!”


- chain mail on The Spacebook's messaging system, 2213

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