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Jakob van Dalen

“There isn't a ship in the fleet that hasn't had Jakob fix some part of it. The man was tireless - always willing to muck in and lend a hand, and never asked for much in return. If it weren't for him, this whole thing would have fallen apart piece by piece a long time ago, and we'd never have made it here. When we had those gas leaks, way back, he helped us patch them up. When the apparitions were swarming, he fixed half the holes they made. When we was stuck on Psion, he came and brought us home.

He'd still be here if he hadn't offered to help those Bolygo bastards search for the Sohonnai, but then if he hadn't offered to help, he wouldn't be Jakob.

We'll be raising a glass to him tonight. You're welcome to join us.”

- Eulogy at the funeral for those that died during the jump to Eta Helion, by an unknown engineer from the Hephaestus

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