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Julian Shepard

“Many know the name Julian Shepard, but most know only half the tale. His implication, alongside fellow engineer John Roper, in a sabotage plot aboard the Princess ZG5L was well noted at the time, along with their subsequent proof of moral innocence in the matter. But it is unfair to think of Julian only by that single act of subconscious influence. He was a regular attendee of the Princess Conferences, and a prolific and highly talented engineer. More ships than many appreciate would have become defunct, or been forced to be abandoned, were it not for his skilled input.”

“On Terra Libre, his great works continued. Julian was a key figure in the establishment of the first mining and manufacturing facilities on the new planet, and drove the exploratory effort to locate new mining sites for the minerals necessary to create a new generation of FTL-capable ships.”

“Also a talented musician, Julian composed a number of songs in his spare time, commemorating important events from throughout the Exodus. Together with his more obvious engineering works, the mark left on humanity by Julian Shepard is greater than many truly appreciate - but appreciate them, we truly do.”

- Excerpt from History of the Exodus, Volume 4: Other Persons of Note, 2172

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