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Julianne Relley

“If you'd like to follow me then, we'll head inside.”

“This lovely cottage was constructed by Julianne Relley not long after Landing was first settled. Now, of course, Julianne was primarily a spaceship engineer, and from a technical perspective, the robustness of the construction is plain to see. But look here, at these carvings on the banister, and the patterns on the chimney stack over there. You'll see that level of fine craftsmanship throughout this place, and it really adds to the sense of elegance, in my view - it truly is a home. This house saw many residents and visitors throughout Julianne's time here: not only her close friends the van Dalens, but the many children of the new world who came to know her as their lovable Aunt Julie.”

“If we head outside to the garden, we find not only beautifully-arranged flowers, but also a landing pad! As you can see, our engineering team is hard at work restoring la kesma'ecikre to its original functioning state, and we hope in future years to be able to demonstrate this unique antique. In its prime, both it and Julianne saw a lot of action as part of the Exodus, fixing and salvaging dozens of ships. From deploying communications satellites to scouting for prime mining locations, this ship continued to be active in the development of the first colonies on Terra Libre - it has perhaps the most history of anything here!”

“That concludes the main portion of the tour. If you'd like to follow me through to the gift shop…”

- Tour of the Relley Estate, 2171.

“Ready at your end Luuk?”

“I think so. Julie, are you sure this will work?”

“I'll admit the requirement to use the entire fuel block makes it kinda expensive, but this could revolutionise personal transport! Only one way to find out if this is viable.”

“I suppose you're right.”

“OK, .bebn., please begin Personal Teleporter Test #1.”


“Well, that's a start… 203.634;56.001;-0.95”


“…A small start.”

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