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Katherine Harte

“The final Captain of the Slipstream was one Katherine Harte, and though her stint in the position was short lived, it was no less dramatic then Andrei's. Finding herself on the Slipstream through a mix of circumstance and sheer dumb luck, Katherine made the most of her opportunities. Despite only being an IT specialist on board, She was known for her close friendship with Ivanka Chu as well as the thief and saboteur Sal Vasse and, most famously, Luca Attwood. It's hard to tell if becoming Captain was in her plans all along, but with Ivanka and Andrei out of the picture, it can't be denied that she had certainly surrounded herself with people who wanted it to be the case. The rigging of the Slipstream Elections was kept as tightly under warps by all involved, most confusingly Killian O Taidgh.

“Sadly, however, this was all for naught once the planet was settled and Captain Heart publicly decommissioned the Slipstream, bringing it's story to an end.

“As for it's last Captain… For many years Katherine helped where she could with the setting up of the first Terra Libre settlement, her computer skills instrumental in helping Mr Attwood and Mr van Dalen is transferring the St. Nikoloas market into a stable and workable modal that we still use today. But as time went on, the former Captain faded from public view and little is known about how she spent the rest of her life.”

- Extract from History of the Exodus, Volume 3: The Ships and Their Captains, 2172

[Gatito]: I got the TLIS guard patterns you wanted. I hope it's damn worth it.
[Mammon]: Oh it is. Jack's served his purpose - Time to cut our partnership I think.
[Gatito]: Careful what you say, don't want it linking back to you.
[Mammon]: Didn't you secure these lines?
[Gatito]: Of course I did, just keeping you on your toes.
[Mammon]: Fuck you.
[Mammon]: Drop them off at usual.
[Gatito]: Got it.
[Mammon]: Are you sure I can't convince you to come drinking this saturday?
[Mammon]: Hello?
[Mammon]: Damn it, you don't have to be in the shadows you know.

- Extract from an encrypted file attached to an unsolved NEST case

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