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UCSS Triumphant Captain's Triumphant Return

“After two years of exploration and relaxation across the newly founded Terra Libre, UCSS Triumphant Captain, Knight, has returned to the colony along with his partner Tai Pullman and long time friends Ari Prince and Lara Styer.Our lucky reporter, Lynda Fleak, managed to score an interview with the man himself.

“When asked about the reason for the trip, the foolhardy captain cited the need to pay proper respect for those he had lost during the fight against the apparitions as well as a chance to recuperate and get back to his usual self. Looking for some new holiday advice we enquired about his favourite spot on their travels - apparently their is a lake to the far north of the planet and a mountain range to the north east where he is thinking about setting up base. Finally we endeavoured to find out if Terra Libre would be hearing its first set of wedding bells any time soon. Knight refused to comment.

“It is expected that himself and Tai Pullman will head up the full exploration party and start the mapping of the planet in the coming months.”

- Article taken from The Terra Libre Bulletin, Issue #13, 2097.


I managed to get my hands on two fighter jets today. I think they might even be the last two surviving from the Triumphant. They certainly look like her colours at least. I thought they had all been scraped back in 35, but apparently I was wrong.

I remember you always regretted not keeping one.

I'm thinking I'll take one out for a spin, put on that stupid mix tape you made me and pick up your favourite book. Just float above the Planet for a while.

Only a few days now, they recon.

I'll see you soon.


- A letter found on Tai Pullman's grave

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