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Lara Stryer

During the apparition incident, Lara's work was mainly focused on research into the nature of the Dreamers of Humanity, leading to her untimely capture by Darwin Verrill in a bid to power an artifact. She was freed from her capture, but not before the device was activated, though the effects were channeled through Tai Pullman. Additionally, she was responsible, in part, for the democratic elections on the St Nikolaos, having worked to prevent Matthew Cartwright from disrupting the elections. She was also known for her part in helping produce the movie From Earth, Yours Sincerely (BWWWWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAMMMMMMMMM).

After the landing in the Eta Helion system, Lara's life work then focused on research into the nature of the apparitions that had plagued the fleet, using some of the research started by Darwin Verrill, as well as the artifact that Lara was intended to activate. Without her work, we wouldn't have the understanding of the nature of the apparitions that we do today, and her name is proudly listed on one of the apparition research centres on Terra Libre.

— Excerpt from The First Colonists

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