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Laramy Fitch

“Camera man Laramy Fitch first made a name for himself in the sector Vega 7, where his daring and courageous actions helped humanity understand a little more about the deep, dark secrets of the universe. As one of the first aboard the famous Salvation Fleet ships, he placed his life on the line to make sure that everything was caught on tape. He and his companion Scarlett McCan, legendary film and tv star, even ventured onto the planet surface, capturing footage for the rest of the fleet.

Shortly arriving on Terra Libre, Laramy and Scarlett made a name for themselves documenting the colonisation of the planet, and ensuring that records of the holo-conferences during the great migration were not lost to the sands of time. These then transformed into some of the most popular show today, including 'Mystical Beasts and Where To Stab Them', and 'Look Mum, No Hands!'”“

- description of Laramy Fitch on his imdb profile.

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