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Luuk van Dalen

“Despite this tragic loss of both his siblings, one shortly after the conference beginning and one so close to the finish line, Luuk managed to stay strong and focused on his work. His first pet project is perhaps his most famous - The New Terra Libre Market. After helping set up the trade market on the St. Nikoloas it was only natural that people turned to the last surviving van Dalen when it was determined that Terra Libre needed its own economy setting up.

“With a strong history in brokering and the foundations of the St. Nikoloas market to work from, it was easy work for the Luuk to oversee the implementing of this pillar of society which we still rely on today.

“However, while this may be his most famous achievement, Luuk van Dalen played another crucial role. Along with Wren Walker, Luuk was one of the few people to make sure music was preserved past the exodus. It is known that he often worked and composed with Wren but while she went on to be famed for it, Luuk prefered to keep a lower key, playing his violin and penning such beauty's as 'Stardrift' and 'The Princess's Lament' in honour of its Captain, Alexis Holtman.

“A great influence on our culture today, this chapter will deconstruct these classics and try and infer the meaning carried in their sorrowful notes.”

- An Extract from Songs of Survival, Chapter 3: Luuk van Dalen, 2256

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