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Mari Martinez

An intimidating presence at the conferences, dressed all in black and carrying a large pink sword, rarely seen far from her captain, Luxe Rosenberg, it would seem that Martinez had a more caring side, being known to be good friends with several other members of the fleet.

She is most deserving of being remembered for her noble self-sacrifice piloting the Hussar to its destruction to prevent the advancement of apparition ships. Surprisingly, she survived the incident, though was changed by her experience. Despite protestations from her captain, she proceeded to act in a reckless manner, resulting in the loss of life of a number of civilians. She met her death during a mission to investigate the Memorandum as a result of an apparition attack.

“Getting a Martinez” later became part of the Terra Libre colony's slang to indicate owning a an item that was overkill for its purpose.

— From History of the Exodus

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