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Maxine Piper

A woman, who looks to be Maxine, is animatedly interacting with someone just out of sight. It's hard to tell with the grainy footage, but she appears to be weeping and pleading. Occasionally she paces back and forth, tracing a chaotic pattern through the video frame. After about 5 minutes of hypnotically similar footage, she stops dead in her tracks and turns to face where the person she's talking to must be, elation painted clearly on her face. She says what looks to be 'yes' and 'of course', before collapsing backwards onto the ground. Somehow, the camera manages to lose track of her, and she is not there after half an hour.

— CCTV footage from a back alley near the centre of the Capital City, 9:07pm January 15th 2107

“Richard. Are you out there? Can you hear me? I've done it: come face me. Can't you see me? I'm right next to you, you just need to turn your head a little.”

— Picked up on military radio, on a very faint frequency, 10:34pm January 15th 2107

“…sad to report the death of noted entrepreneur Lucas Calderon. He was found in his estate in the early hours of the morning having suffered from what appears to be a heart attack. A statement from the coroner's office says that while the actual cause of death is uncertain, the authorities are not suspecting foul play…”

This copy of the video then breaks down into static.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: We're not quite sure why, but anyone who has seen the static associated with this copy get an overwhelming sense of 'M'.


x3 ADDTIONAL NOTE: No, It doesn't make any sense to me either.

— News archive from the year 2132, notes by Dr. Matthieu

“Target Designation: M (Real Name: Maxine Piper)

Authorisation: ████████-█

Description: Target deemed responsible with death of L████ C███████. For reasons of security regarding █████████ ██████████ ████████, a kill mission has been ordered.

Agent to enact: Dexter

Resolution: Target Terminated.”

— Highly classified military report, 2133 - declassified in a redacted form in the year 2500

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