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Knaf had always loved history- learning of the Homeworld Earth, and the varied cultures it held, the old faiths, and the Ancestors. The Ancestors always fascinated him, especially the remaining images and holograms of them. They looked so… simple. They had no tails, or wings, or feathers. Just hair, and not much of it. their fingers had short, blunt, clear claws on top of the tips, which themselves where rounded. They were so strange, and yet they were the bases of all the races, from the Amphimen to the Lycans.

It was curious how the Ancestors had lived spread out across the entire planet- Knaf could barely imagine it. Two centuries after Arrival at Muvtakh, humans have only colonised a portion of the land and inland seas, their population not yet large enough to spread further. The Ancestors had colonised every single one of Earth's landmasses, before the Escalation, over the course of thousands of years. They had fought each other over land and resources- war was an interesting concept, one that had no place on Muvtakh- although he was not so naive as to think it never will, once they had spread further. But perhaps the Progenitors would prevent that. The Progenitors, who brought them to this world, where they may thrive. The Progenitors, who created the basis of their civilisation, including the first men and women of Muvtakh- they created them from so little, brought about beings that had before only existed in the realm of imagination.

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