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Ray Dawson

During the apparition incident, Ray Dawson was one of the best known engineers in the fleet, his friendly nature and eagerness to help making him many friends on the Hephaestus, Slipstream, Princess ships, not to mention within the conference. He also enjoyed a brief period of celebrity after producing a cat toy for his pet, Stripes. The video was then shared widely over the new ship-to-ship social network, Spacebook.

Unlike many, he did not become part of the new colony in the Eta Helion system, rather, he took the Princess class ship on its own journey, after working closely with Magnus Hammarberg and Ari Price, explaining that it was necessary to give the apparitions something to focus on. In recognition for his sacrifice, a piloting school has been set up in his name.

His final fate is ultimately unknown.

— Excerpt from The Exodus from Earth

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