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Robbin Walker

“In this week's episode of The Voyage from Earth we take a look at Robbin Walker, who travelled aboard the Nemesis. She was quite possibly one of the most selfless people you could ever meet. Wherever she went, whatever she did, others always came first. She spoke on behalf of those who could not defend themselves, and raced to their aid when words were not enough.

She spent weeks aiding the refugees on the St Nikolaos, providing support and care wherever possible. When not working with the poor and the homeless, she would be found patrolling the fleet, keeping a close and watchful eye to ensure the safety of the entire fleet.

However, any description of Robbin Walker would not be complete without mentioning her brother, Jimmy. Above all others, she cared for him most. It is clear that, should there have been a need, Robbin would have done any and everything to keep Jimmy safe.

Robbin tragically fell to apparitions shortly before the fleet arrived and settled on Terra Libre, but her loyalty, friendship and pure selflessness will never be forgotten.”

- Extract from a documentary of the fleet The Voyage from Earth

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