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Scarlett McCann

“It is with sadness that TLBC News reports the passing of one of our foremost reporters, Scarlett McCann. A bright and courageous individual, McCann was responsible for pre-Exodus broadcasting documenting fights against you-know-whats and aboard the Exodus Fleet was responsible for broadcasting essential information from Terra Nova in Vega 7 as well as the thrilling chase scenes filmed aboard the Memorandum.

On Terra Libre, McCann was responsible for documenting every step of our journey for generations to come. The
Colonisation Chronicles and yearly catch-up with members of the Fleet have provided us with truly rich and fascinating information for generations to come, not to mention the annual show that began with the first children born on Terra Libre, keeping up with their progress.

McCann, as a High Visionary of the Void-Seers, will be commended to the stars next Wednesday by Hierarch Giessinger herself. She will be sorely missed.”

– Terra Libre Broadcasting Company News item, 2157

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