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Sergei Kovac

“By now we've all heard of Bolygo and how they nearly wiped out the entirety of humanity. However, is it possible that the entire incident could have been averted? This week on Yeah… but what if…? we take a look at Sergei Kovac.

Sergei, aboard his ship the So Much For Subtlety, acted as engineer and technician for the Bolygo crew, providing a large number of upgrades to their ships, and even building FTL nuclear weaponry for them. However, was he as crooked as the rest of them? Reports from those who knew Sergei, who interacted with him at the famous fleet holo-conferences, might suggest not.

Everyone we spoke seemed to believe that Sergei was genuinely concerned for the survival of the fleet. This leads to the next question. What if Kovac had not been tragically killed by apparitions? The story of Sergei's death is now well known, but still completely horrifying. The image of a millipede larger than anything you can possibly imagine is truly terrifying, but what if events had transpired differently? Would Sergei have supported his friends in their acts of terrorism, or would he have turned against them, potentially saving the fleet from the destruction Bolygo inflicted? We will never know for sure. All we can do is remember the man that was.”

- Extract from the show Yeah… but what if…?

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