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Interstellar Exploration Reborn

Having grown restless and paranoid on Terra Libre about just what lay outside the Nebula, FTL-capable ships were once again constructed and passage through the Nebula began. Small probes went at first, to scout the edge of the Nebula and determine whether an apparition Fleet was waiting on the other side. When it was confirmed that there was not, tentative exploration teams began heading out to the edges of the Nebula to act as watches.

The Void-Seers, meanwhile, being a strong force for action on Terra Libre, requisitioned the construction of their own FTL-capable ships for the purpose of returning to Vega 7 so that followers of the Void could gaze into its infinite magnitude and be awed. The first ships began heading,
Lucifer's Folly being the first of many to head out, with the elderly Hierarch Giessinger aboard herself, and the reports back were astonishing: real conversion experiences, and an ascension of the Hierarch. People returned empowered, stating they understood better than ever the workings of the Universe.

And so, frequent pilgrimages began to the Black Hole: Void-Seers heading out to Vega 7 to gaze upon the Void. Pilgrims were fascinated at one point in 2190 to discover that an enormous region of space just beyond the Black Hole of the Void approximately 100LY wide suddenly vanished: those visiting the Void at the time reported receiving insights that this was in part the Void protecting its followers from apparition threats in that direction.

As time progressed, more and more headed to the Void in Vega 7, enhancing their relationship with the void, gaining insights into their own futility and coming to understand the universe in a far deeper way than they previously imagined.

– VoidWatch Special, 2200

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