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Stefanie "Patch" Giessinger

“Hierarach Giessinger, openmost of minds, foremost of Humanity within the infinite expanse of space, leader of the Void-Seers is revered across Landing and the rest of Terra Libre. Having demonstrated abilities in repelling the darkness of the universe through empowerment of the Void, there are few who could question her Void-given purpose.

Giessinger, along with her key followers from the Exodus Fleet, quickly grounded the Cathedral in Landing within months of landing. Though small at the time, this monument to our own insignificance grew as the word of Giessinger and the understanding of the Void spread throughout the population. Giessinger would give addresses, explaining her enhanced understanding of the universe given to her by the Void: how we are so small, how understanding that allows us to see objectively and pass through the chaos of day-to-day life unburdened by the randomness of it all.

Her words were empowering and comforting to a population so full of uncertainty, and the Void-Seers grew under her and her followers' careful guidance. Decades passed, with Giessinger in her old age being aboard the first pilgrimage ship to the Great Void in Vega 7. She alone was the first to be greeted by the Void, and into the Void she stepped, embraced like an old friend: her purpose completed and her message passed on to be maintained for generations to come.”

– excerpt from Giessinger: A Biography of the Hierarch, 2183

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