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The Salvation Fleet

The following is a rough timeline of events in the game, with particular focus on what was going on on the Salvation Fleet.

  • 205x-xx-xx: Most of the population own non-FTL-capable ships
  • 205x-xx-xx: Development of power armour begins
  • 206x-xx-xx: Tentative global peace
  • 206x-xx-xx: High density battery power
  • 206x-xx-xx: Black Box Jump Drive invented
  • 2069-xx-xx: Tau Leyti colony founded
  • 2070-xx-xx: Most hospitals have automated first aid
  • 2070-09-18: Event Zero: Apparitions begin occurring.
  • 2070-12-27: URSULA founded (see here for the URSULA files)
  • 2071-12-12: Elentis 227a planet destroyed by a cataclysmic collision with another celestial body
  • 2072-xx-xx: Apparition events are so widespread that they cannot be controlled by URSULA
  • 2072-11-10: URSULA abandoned due to catastrophic containment failure
  • 2073-xx-xx: Apparitions are recognised by the media
  • 2078-11-08: Tau Leyti colony infected and destroyed within one hour
  • 2080-xx-xx: Most spaceships have automated first aid
  • 2080-xx-xx: FTL Capable ships are luxury affordable by upper-middle class
  • 2081-10-23: Salvation Fleet leaves
    • Commanded by Admiral Charmaine Lockhart, foremost of the UCCNZFJ Navy, this fleet was made up of the UCSS Salvation, the UCSS Resurrection, the UCSS Triumphant, the UCSS Destiny, the UCSS Deliverance, and several Bolygo hospital ships.
  • 2081-11-24: Bolygo hospital ships are separated from the Salvation Fleet for fears of apparition infection and obliterated by the UCSS Triumphant. Records are expunged and Ghenadie Bolygo swears secrecy.
  • 2081-12-15: Nuclear annihilation of humanity
  • 2082-01-01: Salvation Fleet arrives at Elentis 227a to find it destroyed.
  • 2082-01-09: Salvation Fleet arrives at Vega 7 and begins colonising. UCSS Hope deployed.
  • 2082-01-15: UCCNZFJ Commander In Chief mutinied after disagreeing with colonisation efforts. Jumps in escape pod UCSS Persistence and is stranded in Pandora 12.
  • 2082-03-09: Colonisation efforts at Vega 7 are going well. Discoveries of past alien civilisations are made. UCSS Faith deployed.
  • 2082-06-09: Population of Salvation Fleet is destroyed by the Vastness of Space in anger for not paying it any attention or heeding its attempts to communicate. All hope is lost. UCSS Glory deployed.
  • 2082-06-08: First conference of the Princess Fleet
  • 2082-06-29: Second conference of the Princess Fleet
  • 2082-07-20: Third conference of the Princess Fleet
  • 2082-08-10: Fourth conference of the Princess Fleet
  • 2082-08-31: Countdown timer on the nuclear arsenal of the UCSS Triumphant scheduled to go off.
  • 2082-08-31: Fifth conference of the Princess Fleet
  • 2082-09-21: Sixth conference of the Princess-Salvation Fleet
  • 2082-10-12: Seventh conference of the Princess-Salvation Fleet
  • 2082-10-19: Princess jumps away
  • 2082-10-21: Colonisation begins. Year 0 AE.

Vega 7

What explorers found on Vega 7 was strong evidence of a past alien civilisation. This society was long since extinct by the time the Salvation Fleet arrived at the planet, but when it was in its prime it worshipped the Black Hole (unknowingly, the Fear entity: Vastness of Space) as a god. Vastness was quite happy with this, and encouraged the religion and the cult, converting people to its cause. However, it got quite upset when Science (portrayed as Magic in the writings of the people) advanced considerably to begin to question how exactly the Black Hole was giving them such boons. It got angry, and started having people disappear, until all that remained were soulless beings which it took all in one go as its own.

The aliens did have Biotechnological secrets hidden in their writings, but unfortunately the planet was destroyed one turn before players would have been able to access this information.

Video logs from Cpt. Avril-Dubois

These logs were released on probes for use of humanity by the Captain of the UCSS Triumphant – filmed by Hanae, OURPGSoc alumnus over in the States!

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