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The Void-Seers

“…reaching out into the vastness of space, protected by the greatness of the Void from the horrors that we know too well. We are one with the Void, and the Void one with us.”

The camera pans away from the masses in the cathedral, swinging round to focus on the dark eyes of Hierarch Giessinger as she bids the hundreds in the cathedral farewell, and then turns to focus on the dark glass of the windows before cutting to a shot from outside the cathedral of the Void-Seers where Scarlett McCann stands facing the camera: her cybernetic arm holding up a microphone.

“And so there we have it, Hierarch Giessinger's first address of the twentieth year after exodus. I am sure you at home will agree with me that no finer words have been spoken about our prosperous time here on Terra Libre, and of the hope that accepting the Void brings. That's all for this episode of VoidWatch – looking into the Void, I've been Scarlett McCann.”

The credits begin rolling, and the camera pans up to show in the background people milling out of the cathedral built in honour of the Void, built by Hierarch Giessinger herself with the assistance of High Visionary McCann and the eye of Jackson Svenson. The building towers up toward the sky which, as all good Void-Seers know, is there to remind all of their relative insignificance to the size of the world and the void and how accepting this keeps us all close to the Void for its protection, as so readily demonstrated by Hierarch Giessinger.

– excerpt from “Behind the Scenes on VoidWatch”, 2101

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