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Tom Wayne

“… and in other news, it appears that we have our own lollipop man in town, as a local resident has been seen stopping traffic in order to allow pedestrians to cross. Beginning completely new lives on Terra Libre is for many of us quite an overwhelming prospect, particularly some of our elderly citizens, and so it appears that one kind man has taken it upon himself to ease their worries.

Reports are coming in that this man is none other than Tom Wayne himself. Mr Wayne was, of course, well known for saving the day back on Earth, with an incredible list of mind boggling achievements. He was even one of the few brave enough to venture into the Vega 7, and even fewer that lived to tell the tale. After settling on Terra Libre, less was heard of the great Tom Wayne, but here perhaps is proof that no matter what, Wayne will be there watching out for us, one way or another. My name's Tom Tucker, and this has been your local news update.”

“… and he's at it again. We're getting word that local hero Tom Wayne has become so involved in helping the homeless community that he's now offering them training and part time jobs. Not content, it seems, with simply volunteering to help feed and care for them, Mr Wayne has now begun providing free education in the form of skills training. Once the students complete their studies, Wayne is inviting them to help him with one of his other past-times, building spaceships.

It is not clear yet whether Wayne will be branching out with his education system to include flight training, as he was well known for his incredible piloting skills. Only time will tell. My name's Tom Tucker, and this has been your local news update.”

- Reports by the news broadcasting program 'The Loop'

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