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Vyrin Rosen

New Era Security Taskforce


Personnel Record

Name: Vyrin Rosen

Bio: Both famous and imfamous for her hacking skills, Vyrin Rosen left Earth aboard the mining vessel The Hephaestus. However, by the time the fleet reached Terra Libre she had claimed complete control over the systems of the St Nikolaos. During the Great Voyage, Vyrin and her technological prowess proved invaluable to the fleet. Not only did she establish the electronic market place, but was also responsible for the virus codenamed Mr Boom (later renamed Professor Boom by the late, great Ichabod) utilised against the imfamous cathedral ship of the apparitions.

After being reunited with her boyfriend aboard the St Nikolaos, Vyrin Rosen became one of the founding members of NEST. She was fundamental in the construction of a new global communication system known as the 'internest', and has since dedicated her working life to tackling both physical and cyber crime.

Current Status: RETIRED - Freelance Technology Journalist

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