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Example Characters

Here are some example characters that the GM team created. Bonus points for guessing which GM made which!

Carla Clegrise: Engineer

Name: Carla Clegrise
Ship: St. Nikolaos


  • General Combat
  • General Investigation
  • General Technology
    • Engineering
    • Ship Building


  • “…In Space” (+)
    • Carla is adept at moving around in space from all her time spent in orbit.
  • Personal Assistant (+)
    • “Ordinateur” follows Carla around in her goggles and provides technical readouts about the current state of the ship.
  • Sweet-Ass Kit (+)
    • Advanced Multi Wrench that can be adapted to fit most sizes of nuts and bolts.
  • Something to Remember Me By (-)
    • Carla retains the necklace of her dead wife, Jan, who was killed by wolves during a holiday. She hates being reminded of it because it reminds her that even though she's alive, she could still be randomly and senselessly killed at any moment, but she can't bear to part with it.
  • Pet (-)
    • Carla has a pet lizard, “Gordon” that has a habit of getting stuck in small places that Carla is meant to be fixing.

Deepest Darkest Fear: Wolves

Carla Clegrise trained as a mechanical Engineer and was initially terrified when she was posted to the UCSS Vancouver, having presumed it to be a battleship of some kind. She was incredibly relieved to discover that while it was a battleship, it was one orbiting the planet rather than floating the sea.

She went up to the Vancouver and was assigned to an engineering post. She expected to be fixing all sorts of exciting problems with the ship every day, but the post was actually quite dull. It gave her time, however, to hone her Zero Gravity skills and to get good at what she did best: engineering.

Eventually, she was transferred to the St Nikolaos, a more interesting ship with a much livelier crew (in her opinion). There she picked up a pet lizard (for apparently Lizards were all the rage in space-pets) and worked to ensure the ship was kept in top condition at all times.

And then the nukes went off. She does not believe that the Vancouver survived.

Carla is a Mechanical Engineer serving aboard the St Nikolaos, attempting to keep it all together. Often spotted searching for “Gordon” who has likely gotten himself into a spot of bother.

Andrew Scarlett: Explorer

Name: Andrew Scarlett
Ship: Probe Class Venturer


  • General Planning
  • General Technology
  • General Piloting
    • Evasion
    • Off-space-roading


  • Pet (+)
    • A ferret called Bob. Provides companionship without opinions.
  • Panic Monkey (-)
    • Sometimes, when a situation starts to escalate out of control, things just… overwhelm him.
  • Own Ship (+)
    • Andrew picked up a small probe, the Venturer and considers it his second home.
  • Cautious (0)
    • Andrew is not one to rush into anything.

Deepest Darkest Fear: Other people talking over him, ignoring him, forgetting his very existence.

Growing up as a kid in New York, Andrew always dreamed of going to space. Everything just seemed so much bigger and more fascinating up there, just above his head - so full of possibility, but also full of peace and tranquility and a total lack of other people around to annoy you. He spent much of his adult life saving pennies and watching the price of an entry-level spaceship slowly fall to the point where he could afford one.

That ship, a second-hand Probe that Andrew renamed the Venturer, has been his for 4 years now, and was his second home whenever he could get time off from his job. He was on a two-week holiday exploring the uninhabited planets in the Tau Leyti system when he tried to get in touch with friends at home and got no response. An hour or so later, he picked up the wide FTL broadcast from the Princess describing what had happened on Earth and calling anyone in neighbouring systems to join the Fleet as it fled - so he did. Since then, he has occupied himself on occasional scouting missions, as well as lending a hand whenever anything particularly tricky needed doing as a piloting job.

Secretly, he's almost beginning to enjoy this journey into the depths of space, but he does sometimes wish it could just be him on his own doing the adventuring - no need for all these people and their arguments and their politicking.

Public Bio
Andrew likes to style himself as a part-time space explorer: he tries to be first out of the fleet after every jump, exploring new worlds in his little ship, the Venturer.

Rose Alder: Commander

Name: Rose Alder
Ship: RFv Scimitar


  • General Planning
    • Strategy
    • Crisis Response
  • General Piloting
  • General Persuasion


  • Something to Remember Me By (+) - Rose has a simple crystal necklace, a memento of a lost love Susan.
  • Pet (-) - Rose could not bear to leave her pet cat, Benjamin, behind. Sadly, the extra effort of trying to feed a whole other life is starting to strain.
  • Rapport (+) - Rose has built up a certain understanding with some of the staff on board The Slipstream.
  • Passengers (-) - Letting some of the desperate people fleeing stay on the ship seemed a good idea to start with, but the constant requests and the refusal to follow her orders from the temporary passengers is wearing Rose a bit thin.
  • Own Ship (+) - Rose was “promoted” to Captain of the RFv Scimitar when the Captain died in the Exodus from Earth.

Deepest Darkest Fear: The Unknown

Rose Alder has been in control all of her life, or at least has tried to. She worked as second-in-command of the RFv Scimitar until the catastrophe on Earth happened, killing the ship's captain. Seeing her opportunity, she seized control and started to run, soon meeting up with the rest of the fleet. Now dogged by a fear of what she can't understand and control, the only thing keeping her together are memories of her Earthly paramour, Susan.

Rose works out of the RFv Scimitar, patrolling the edges of the fleet, and watching. When asked what she is watching for, she pauses before saying “I dont' know”, darkly.

Vera Uberti: Civillian

Name: Vera Uberti
Ship: The St Nikolaos


  • General Combat
  • General Investigation
    • Deduction
  • General Sneaking
    • Theft


  • Enemy (-) - Vera never liked Detective Theodor Albescu but she never thought she'd wish him dead. Until now that is. Who knew criminal charges transcended the end of the world as we know it?
  • Mental Resilience (+) - Vera has seen her fair share of horrors, though some she would rather just forget.
  • Favour Owed (+) - Vera knows a face on the St. Nikolaos very well and neither of them has forgotten. Vera is just waiting for a very special check to cash in with.
  • FTL Sickness (-) - Vera discovered this the hard way when the St. Nikolaos first jumped. The other nearby passengers were not best pleased.
  • Luxury Items (+) - 37 inch Peal Rope. Her first ever theft and a trophy she has carried with her since.

Deepest Darkest Fear: Being the cause of someone's death.

Vera grew up in Italy with her older brother Darius and mother Emilia. She was only 13 when her mother died of a heart attack seemingly from no where and her brother only two years older was in no position to support them both. They went into the system. It only took a year for the two to be separated. With her whole world suddenly gone, Vera began to retreat into herself, spending long hours walking from the school yard to the foster home until one day she felt the spark of life again.

His name was Roberto Carracci and he was bad ass. Before anyone could finish saying “teen fiction cliche” Vera had fallen in with a bad crowd. By the time she was 16 she had committed 12 breaking and entering felonies and had been caught at 5 of them. Roberto was, of course, just a teenage phase, but theft? Theft was a living. She was good at it and it gave her the electric thrill that had been missing from everything ever since her mother died.

So Vera made a name for herself, flicked from criminal gang to criminal gang, occasionally working on her own. By the time she was 20 she even had her very own Detective dedicated to her case, Theodor Albescu.

And then the world went to pot.

Vera tends to blend in with the crowds populating the St. Nikolas, neither wishing nor appearing to be noticed. Some may have heard of her though from a former DI named Theodor Albescu.

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