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You won’t believe these 12 celebs that survived the apocalypse. Number 5 will APPAL you!

Life on the fleet is hard and with the reunion with the Salvation fleet in sight, many of us are sagging with relief at the thought of returning to a little better living conditions than before. But some may be more ready than others! These 12 celebrities - whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em - have made it onto the fleet and must be itching to get back to the high (or at least more reclusive) life from whence they came.

1. Ichabod Yıldızoğlu

Get your holodecks ready! That’s right, the ‘Juggernaut of VR' has made it safe and sound off of earth and has been spotted feeding a thirst for knowledge in the Memorandum! Descended from a family of genii, I for one am glad we have such a sterling scientist in our midst.

2. Bradley Bells van Dalen

Yes! This common man turned helpful hero made it off earth after helping so many others escape first! If that doesn’t deserve the caveat of fame, I don’t know what does! You go Brad!

3. Escher Stryer

Speaking of saving people - does anyone remember on the news not so long ago about the daring attempt of rescue one brother made for his sister? I sure do! It was an event that moved so many in a time of utter terror. Well, turns out the Brother made it….

4. Lara Stryer

… AND THE SISTER TOO! Thank goodness that rescue wasn’t for nothing. My heart goes out to the Stryer siblings.

5. Lucifer Creed

Called a murderer by the media, a jinx by the masses… I’m afraid that Lucifer Creed has been spotted around the fleet. I don’t care how long it’s been, I’m steering way clear of this one. Though, I can’t help but agree with my remaining copy of Heat ‘80 #6 - if he is telling the truth and the Apparitions really did do it all, DAMN is he Bad-Ass.

6. Commodore Antonio Delgado

Love him or hate him, Commodore Delgado is here to stay. Legendary in Portugal for his rise in the navy and brutal takedown of any attempts of piracy in Portuguese space, this fearsome Ex-Navy Commodore has been floating along with us since the earth Exodus… not that he’s done much other than float… and threaten…

7. Ari Price

Not going to lie, she scares the shit out of me on reputation alone. I don’t do conflict and conflict is what Ari does best some would say. But it’s not all bad. Involved in the rescue of Lara Stryer she was. Still, being known for a quick temper… yikes. Lets all try to keep on her good side.

8. Decebal Korica & 9. Ilonara Korica

Another brother and sister pair surviving the exodus! This time Decebal and Ilonara Korica - hot shot piloting star and top notch medical scientist at Bolygo Pharma respectively…. Or is it the other way round…. Either way, both are useful additions to the fleet!

10. Vyrin Rosen

Reputed hacker extraordinaire. I’m scared to say much more. In case I get hacked.

11. Colonel Anton Rezov

I don’t know much about Russian Military history but I do know the infamy of Colonel Anton Rezov’s failed coup. Doesn’t everyone? In any case, let’s hope he doesn’t do the same here. Last thing we need is to turn the Salvation Fleet into a battleground as soon as we get there.

12. Emma Piper

While not exactly famous, this little fighter sure crash landed into her career path. Literally. Thankfully that was years ago now and back when gravity was more of a player in the game. Just so long as she's not going to crash into the Princess

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