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Phobos Project Log: 24 January 2064

Fear. Fear is the most basic human emotion. It can spur people to action, make them flee, or reduce them to quivering wrecks. If fear could be harnessed, just think of what we could do. No more wars - the troops would be too frightened to leave the barracks, let alone enter combat. Amp up the fear of environmental problems, and they'd disappear overnight.

That's the goal of Phobos. Using brain scanning technology, and adaptive [DATA CORRUPT] can create a new kind of weapon which works out the deepest fears of the target, and turns it against them. Phobos has actual physical presence, seemingly acting outside the laws of physics due to [DATA CORRUPT] programmable, and can be set towards any goal. If you want to amp up a sense of nervousness within a business to prevent them pursuing some undesirable goal, that's possible. If you want to infiltrate a criminal organisation, and leave them paralysed with fear while the police scoop them up, that's possible too.

With UCCNZFJ Darklight funding, we can develop this into the next generation of enforcement and deterrent tools, ensuring a stable and lasting peace.

Phobos Project Notes: 2064-2067 (HEAVILY CORRUPTED)

[DATA CORRUPT] basic types of fear: Fear o[DATA CORRUPT]e Unknown, F[DATA CORRUPT]f the Unnatural, Fear of t[DATA CORRUPT]featable, and [DATA CORRUPT]ch of which contributes to one of the “strains” of Phobos[DATA CORRUPT]

Anti-fear medication devel[DATA CORRUPT]revents Phobos from determining target fears and may render[DATA CORRUPT]s to provide adequate safeguard[DATA CORRUPT]

[DATA CORRUPT]ppa strain proving stronger than antici[DATA CORRUPT] containment protocols initiated. Guards provided with anti-fear medication to ensur[DATA CORRUPT]secure facility, no admittance without proper procedures. THIS MUST NOT [DATA CORRUPT] OUT UNTIL CONTROLLED.

Phobos Project Log: 15 March 2067

What happens when you take away someone's fear? Well, if you do it to someone with a strong sense of duty, they hold to it and do their job perfectly. The problem occurs when you do it to someone with the slightest shred of doubt - or the slightest glimmer of anger. So far as we can tell, what happens is that when their anger overpowers their duty, they don't have any fear stopping them from doing something stupid.

Analysis of Gamma site following the containment leak shows that one of the guards' anti-fear medication was switched out for a placebo - apparently he'd been having an affair with another's husband, enough to make them angry, and enough for them to act and damn the consequences. Well, you have one of the most heavily trained units in the world, who've been stuck inside and itching for a fight, and you have the perfect target for the Kappa strain, and once they start to worry that containment is breaking and the rest might get out… well, whatever we've made, it does its job well.

Phobos Project Notes, 2067-2078 (HEAVILY CORRUPTED)

[DATA CORRUPT]eleased into the public, death toll already estimate[DATA CORRUPT]millions[DATA CORRUPT]

Quarantine in[DATA CORRUPT]e[DATA CORRUPT]fective - Phob[DATA CORRUPT]os can remain dorm[DATA CORRUPT]ant for years. Destruction inef[DATA CORRUPT]ective - Phobos invariably survives. Anti-fear medication provides some safeguards, [DATA CORRUPT]ut the actions of people [DATA CORRUPT]with no fear can be as bad as the results of Phobos acti[DATA CORRUPT]vity.

[DATA CORRUPT]au Leyti project appears successful - lack of activity shows sterilisation procedure can be applied on a single ship scale, but cost is immense. Suggest [DATA CORRUPT]continued monitoring of all ships heading to colony[DATA CORRUPT]

Following continued success of Tau Leyti project, it is proposed to begin a mass migration effort. This must be done subtly, or the rising tide of panic due to the apparitions will caus[DATA CORRUPT]an only hope that our safeguards remain intact throughout the process.

Phobos Project Log: 6th November 2078

We have all seen the feed from Tau Leyti. We will have no choice but to release it to the public soon. While this attempt has failed, it has acted as a valuable proof of concept. The weak point of the T-L project lay in the need for multiple repopulation and resupply runs. If the needs of a colony, and enough people to sustain it viably, could be sent in a single fleet, which could be confirmed Phobos-free.

Aside from the Phobos-related aspects, Project Salvation can be made public, which should allow access to the additional funding required.

Project Salvation Notes: 2078-2081 (HEAVILY CORRUPTED)

[DATA CORRUPT]eimium fuel storage project test successful - can certainly exceed normal limits, and should be infinitely expandable. Designs for UCSS Deliverance are being drawn up as I write this. Spool time estimated at 1 day per jump - though route planning suggests increasing this to 1 week to prevent FTL sickness (likely in such a large[DATA CORRUPT]

Target identified as Veg[DATA CORRUPT]ack hole jets should provide adequate power for Phobos exclusio[DATA CORRUPT]

UCSS Sa[DATA CORRUPT]vation confirmed clean o[DATA CORRUPT]passenger quarters to hold 600 to perform basic maintainance of the colony until[DATA CORRUPT]of age.

Gene banks on UCSS Res[DATA CORRUPT]sur[DATA CORRUPT]ection are stocked with flora, fauna, and enough Homo Sa[DATA CORRUPT] to create a viable colony. Humanity will survive, even if we do not.

UCSS Destiny stocked wi[DATA CORRUPT]to ensure that anti-Phobos measures can be maintained during transit.

UCSS Triumphant to accompany the fleet in case of unexpected events, and to prevent any non-sterile ships from following. Additional resources on Earth will be tasked to accompany any fleets which follow, and prevent any possible contamination to the UCSS Salvation fleet[DATA CORRUPT][DATA CORRUPT][DATA CORRUPT][DATA CORRUPT][DATA CORRUPT][DATA CORRUPT][DATA CORRUPT][DATA CORRUPT][DATA CORRUPT][DATA CORRUPT][DATA CORRUPT]

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