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Ship Construction

Every character in Princess can, if they wish, own a Ship which will require generation, much like a character. If you don't own a ship, then you can ignore this section.
Important: you do not have to own a ship! It is perfectly possible to live on someone else's ship, whether as part of a group concept or on a ship belonging to an NPC. However, If you do want to make your own ship, take the 'Own Ship' quirk, to reflect the fact. You can take this quirk multiple times and own multiple ships, each constructed using this system.

In Princess, Ship Construction follows the following 4 steps, which are detailed below:

  1. Select a Ship from the Shipyard
  2. Assign Ship Systems
  3. Select Equipment
  4. Fill out the details

Step 1: Ship Class

The ships that made it safely off of Earth and away in the great abandonment come from some set manufacturers and shipyards. They range in size from tiny probes to large battleships with varying bonuses and penalties depending on the type of ship.

Select a ship from the Shipyard as the basis for your ship.

Step 2: Ship Systems

With your base ship determined, you must then allocate the systems on your ship. There are four main systems on any ship and the ship has 5 points to spend across them. These systems are:

  • Cargo Hold - how much FTL Drive Fuel and other cargo your ship can hold
  • Engines - how fast and manoeuvrable your ship is in flight
  • Hull - how much of a beating your ship can take
  • Weapons - how much damage your ship's weapon systems can deal

More detail can be found on Ship Systems.

Step 3: Equipment

On top of the Standard Equipment that every ship will be equipped with and any bonus equipment from the ship class, every ship has access to one piece of equipment from the complete list of Special Equipment, with the option to purchase an additional one at some detriment to the ship if desired. Equipment of all kinds will allow the Ship to do something special and will give it a distinct advantage in that specific area of endeavour.

Step 4: Details

Finally, flesh out the details of your ship. Make sure to give it a name, declare who is Captain (it could be an NPC), and fill in all the details you like about its origin, the types of weapons installed and all the various kinks this ship has. (Make sure to list as well other Player Characters you expect to be aboard the ship, to ensure you don't end up with any surprise guests!)

Once you're happy, submit the ship together with the character submission of the character who owns the ship (note: the ship's owner need not be its Captain!). Please using the following template:

Ship Name:
Ship Class:

Cargo Hold:

Specialist Equipment:



Expected Crew:
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