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Lexi Daniels

“Before the Exodus, Dr Lexi Daniels had an illustrious career as a medical specialist in a top London hospital. However, as apparition attacks became more prevalent, she abandoned her high-flying job, and went to work with Medicins Sans Frontiers - working as emergency relief in regions where government was collapsing under the rampant paranoia.

She was in the Democratic Republic of Congo when she picked up the monkey, Solo, that would accompany her through the rest of her life, and in the Philippines when the bombs began to fly. Luckily, for both herself and the many she treated later, she was picked up by a Greyson Security ship, and joined the Exodus.

Within the Fleet, Lexi set about organising the medical systems of the many ships, ensuring that proper care could be provided to all of the survivors, and that every ship had at least basic first aid supplies and training. While her record is somewhat chequered - with her botched treatment of Captain Holtmann and her failed attempts to condition other members of Greyson to their fears - evidence has shown that her mistakes were the result of apparition involvement, and would likely have gone much worse with a less capable doctor in that situation.

Despite never being an official member of Greyson Security, Lexi formed a strong bond with them during the exodus - enough that during the exploration of the Vega 7 tunnels, she laid down her life to allow the others to escape an apparition attack.”

Extract from History of the Exodus, Volume 4: Other Persons of Note, 2172

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