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Princess: soft science, hard logistics


Fuel on the Princess

Fuel in the Fleet

Population Distribution


Final Map

Final Map With Princess Route

Final Map With Player Exploration

Final Map With Deaths


Ship with most jumps: Asclepius
Ship with fewest jumps: Last Train Home
Ship with most different Captains: Memorandum
Surviving ship with most deaths: HMCS Renown

Most nukes owned: 30
Fewest nukes owned: -1 (Fake one aboard the HMCS Renown)


Average Cargo: 1.692307692
Average Engines: 1.576923077
Average Hull: 1.615384615
Average Weapons: 1.307692308


Modal Cargo: 0
Modal Engines: 2
Modal Hull: 1
Modal Weapons: 0

GM Writing Stats (Because Vanity)

Total in Turnsheets: 356,660
Turn 1: 58,856
Turn 2: 73,570
Turn 3: 61,226
Turn 4: 61,680
Turn 5: 54,492
Turn 6: 45,420

Total across entire Wiki: 423,992

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