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Valerie Haydn

The first Apparition victim of the Exodus, far less is known about Valerie Haydn herself than about the effect her death had on the Fleet: the institution of Quarantine protocols, the decision to run where possible instead of fight: all can be seen as stemming from the 6th of August 2082, when she died during the very first Conference. Given later events, it is now considered highly likely that Valerie did indeed die of an Apparition attack, presumably one of the 'unknown' or 'untrusted' variety. Records show that Valerie herself was an employee of Deep Space Search & Rescue, Inc, prior to the Exodus, piloting her ship, the Last Train Home, to rescue those who through accident or foolishness had ended up stranded in space. It is undoubtedly this background that led her to believe in the veracity of the distress signals emanating from Mobius 92. It is one of many things to regret about the Exodus that such capacity for empathy and generosity resulted in her untimely death.

- an excerpt from History of the Exodus, Volume 3: The Ships and Their Captains, 2172

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