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Jack Priest

“Jack Priest has always been a controversial subject since his arrest in 2093. From the St. Nikoloas he turned into his own privet cult, to the inhumane experiments he carried out in the name of science on his victims in the early 2090's - Jack left a trail of blood in his wake. Literally. Recent years have seen scholars pouring over his notes, interested in the effects of the 'apparitions' on peoples minds. But what about the man himself? One of the few remaining survivors of the Salvation Fleet - the only survivor left on the UCSS Deliverance… This book explores the man behind Project Morgana, The Cult of Lucifer and Project Ursula.”

- An Extract from the Introduction of 'Jack Priest: Story of a Soul Survivor', 2361

15.10.2090 - I have finally managed to scavenge all the equipment. Some of it isn't in the best of working conditions but these things are monsters. I'm not too worried about being humane. Project Morgana is go.

06.12.2090 - Project Zero is a failure. While answering some of my basic questions, subject failed to give me a greater insight into its working mind. Continued to put on its charade of humanity until the very end. Obtaining a new subject tonight.

19.05.2091 - Project Four is a failure. Once again subject failed to show its true nature upon death. Will resume previous experiments into live transformation.

30.08.2091 - Project Five is a failure. Nothing new learned. Months have been wasted. Will send back the body - see if apparition settlement can be provoked into responding.

24.03.2092 - Project Eight is a failure. Need higher doses of adrenaline.

04.05.2093 - Project Sixteen is a failure. Spoke of my work. Expecting apparition attack any day now. Have the camera's and cages ready.

- Notes found in Jack Priest's possession upon his arrest

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