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Position: Commander of Bolygo ship Asclepius
Access: Full
Compensation Program: Resctricted
Company Progression Report: Hired based upon recommendation from senior management. Worked in delivery and maintenance before academic leave. Returned, managed and procured multiple products leading to significant growth. Assigned to Asclepius before the end of the Earth Apparition Evacuation.

— From Bolygo company records

Unregistered FTL jump drive detected
Origin traced back to Bolygo operations
UCSS Triumphant crippled
Bolygo fleet destroyed
Burned body identified as Decebal Korica recovered.

— Notes from Incident Report dated from around the first landings on Terra Libre

While Decebal's later acts are well recorded, little attention is paid to his work for the fleet, firstly as a psychologist, and also for rescuing admiral Charmaine Lockhart, leading to much needed information about the Salvation fleet. Additionally, a number of ships and their crews owe their thanks to Decebal for co-ordinating their rescue during apparition attacks from the fleet.

— Excerpt from Notable figures in the Apparition Incident, Chapter 6, Psychologists and Physicians

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