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The Corner of Your Eye


Officer Blake detained due to unauthorised discharge of lightarm, resulting in civilian death. Under questioning, Edwards maintains that they saw the victim reach for a concealed weapon. CCTV footage shows no sign of this. Psychological evaluation recommended.

“What was that noise?”

“It's just the house settling, nothing to worry about.”

“No, I'm sure I can hear someone! I'm going to have a look.”

“Don't be silly, come back to bed!”

A few minutes later

“Celia? Come back. Celia? Where are you?”

“Approval ratings for the Terra Libre government are at an all time low today after documents emerged apparently showing plans for extensive redevelopment of Marshtown - to be performed without consultation of the local residents, following a staged evacuation. An official spokesperson has denied the authenticity of the document, but the people of Marshtown are close to rioting.”

“Governments should not lie to their people! We have a big enough planet that we do not need to listen to them, we can set out on our own, form our own colony. One without fat cats sitting on top, playing puppetmaster with our lives.”

Fleet Street Trending Topics, 6/5/2255

  • #fortherevolution!
  • #oneworld
  • #DantingWasAnInsideJob
  • #youllbeback
  • #anewnation
  • #PHOBOScontinues
  • #missingpersons
  • #findsara
  • #shadowcats

INTELLIGENCE REPORT - Federated States Military Intelligence - 14/7/2361

Weapons development programs in the United Colonies continue apace. Current data shows a strong chemical and biological weapons program. Preemptive strike recommended.

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