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Justice and Politics


Captains Milton and Phillips were crucial in aiding humanity's arrival on the planet in the Eta Helion system. Much of the chaos of the first few days was mitigated by their careful work. After the initial steps to set up a functioning colony had been completed, their work then focused on using the influence that they had gained while captains of ships to set up the beginnings of democracy on the new planet. One of the first steps was to compile a formal register of the citizens of humanity, ending the confusion that had been perpetuated by the unclear population size on board the St Nikolaos. This would form the basis of the electoral roll, from which civic rights and responsibilities could be derived for each individual. Six months after the colonies had been set up, elections were held.


Ashmi Kaur, previously leader on board the St Nikolaos was the first to be elected to the ultimate leadership position in the new colony. In her capacity as First Speaker for the New Humanity, she was instrumental in ensuring that the survivors of humanity were able to organise the first few years. Without her tireless effort, the early conflicts, including over rations, work assignments and housing could have decimated the colony and entrenched divisions. Instead, her bridge building and clear head strengthened the bonds between individuals and communities.

However, her legacy will be the structures she put in place while in office to limit the possibility for abuse of power, establishing clear chains of command and limits on the office of . After serving for three terms (a feat that has since gone unmatched), she was succeeded by Jack Svenson as First Speaker. His work focused on the long-term effects of the apparition crisis, offering support, counselling and healing to all who needed it.

Of particular interest is the section detailing the information gained on Tai Pullman's abilities. Much of the section is devoted to exploring the logical consequences of what could have happened had she focused on further developing them, however, her reasoning behind refusing them is at best unclear.


Vyrin Rosen and Vasily Haldane are key members of the new colony's security forces, forming what became known as the New Era Security Taskforce (NEST). Initially, while the New Earth colony was small, its focus was on mundane, everyday matters. The harrowing nature of the journey had left for a lot of unresolved interpersonal issues, which soon found themselves needing to be resolved once people had made their home in the relative comfort of Eta Helion. Later, as more and more old-Earth structures that had been forsaken were put back in place, NEST found itself responding to such issues more frequently, including resolving several gang disputes that had originated in the cargo bays of the St Nikolaos.

Despite her initial work towards the end of the ship-based expedition, Tai Pullman never implemented her proposed justice system: instead, her focus becomes literature and the arts. While her first film, Intervention was well received, later sequels, including Insurrection: Earth Writes Back were poorly received, with audiences feeling that they were overly derivative, falling back on reusing existing material. Her work as a novelist was better received, with several surrealist, post-modern doorstoppers being produced, quickly gaining cult status.

Darwin Verrill, who had antagonised Pullman and her friends during the apparition incidents was seen infrequently in the new colony for a number of months, with rumours later pointing the finger squarely at Knight, with Tai's approval. While Tai learnt a great deal about the new powers that she possessed, she never managed to remove them, or their effects upon her.

Another feather in NEST's cap was the arrest of Jack Priest for his attempts to recreate the horrors of Project Ursula, in what was being referred to as Project Morgana, explained as some sort of reference to an obscure animated film from Old Earth.

And then what happened?

After his initial work in setting up the colony, Daniel Milton quickly retired from public eye, resurfacing occasionally to provide advise. Aaron Phillips remained active a little longer, working to establish essential utilities and start reforming the courts and administering justice.

After her time in office, Ashmi remained in a position of influence, gladly consulting with her successors, offering advice on a bipartisan basis, motivated by the principles of democracy and freedom.

Vyrin's work in the security forces was essential to keeping order in the colony, but it was her re-establishment of the internet that she would become best known for. With much of humanity's cultural works and references now lost, making the contents of the Memorandum easily accessible was vital if the survivors would retain their cultural identity.

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